Monday, 10 October 2011

belajar ap??study what??

as usual guys how are u??
me??i'm tired n,,,i studied many things just for today
u want to know??well u should read it maybe it helps you...
especially those in CELPAD.
first,,i want to tell you guys that my lecturer ,,i mean my sir he's 24 
well,its not a big deal actually but i thought he's already 30 and above 
never mind just proceed with my lesson for the day
he taught us what is fragment.guys,u know what fragments??i'm sure u don't know. fragment is actually a short sentences for example:"I always liked that boy.He is nice".we can also turn it to "I always liked that boy because he is nice".got it??.
next, i'm sure u guys heard this word in TV and songs. the word is "I don't need nobody".this what we call it as double negativity and we cannot use it in academic writing it's WRONG.Formal English we just say "I don't need anybody"..
that's my today's lesson hope it'll help you n i hope its give you something ya..
my stomach is singing right now you know they are totally craving for food
so guys see ya next time k 
bubbye and assalamualaikum.. 

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